Niagara-Phobia (Sydney) Art Exhibition

My adventure took me to Outre Gallery, located in Paddington, with the main attraction being Artist Niagara, a well known and awesome artist, most infamous pop art Dame with a sharp shooting collection of new paintings and fresh prints. Known for her vintage-pulp flavoured tableaux of femme fatales, opium dens and noir mystery – Niagara has an authentic pedigree in punk rock, pop art and tough living.

A painter with an impressive history of international exhibitions and acclaim, she is famed for being the lead avant-garde chanteuse with the now legendary Destroy All Monsters band.

Her works are described as having a “Warholian aesthetic with a post-pulp style Niagara portrayed a hard-boiled world where gun toting, out-of-control women rule the school, and the hallucinogenic haze of debauchery translates into an obsessively painted world of wonder”
Now that’s interesting!!
[[Kudos to Facebook event maker Outre Gall for all that information!!]]

For more info check out these websites



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