I just want to see you underwater

Thursday morning we headed towards Coogee beach. The weather was wonderful, and we couldn’t wait to hit the beach. Unfortunately when we got there, the waves were tough, and we could not hold ourselves in safe waters for long. So we decided to hit Bronte beach. For some reason, Bronte was the same, but luckily for their rock pool, and penetrating sun, we stayed.

We were there for a few hours, as I applied sunblock on every hour, just so I would burn where I had already got burned, I was very cautious this time. The water was brilliantly chilled, though I’m guessing thundering rainspots along the coast had brought in unwanted junk to the water, so it wasn’t as clean as it always was.

That did not stop us swimming, nor playing beach soccer. Brilliant day, supported by a tasty beef burger, calamari ring and gelato.



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