Finding parking at the Finders Keepers Markets 2009


Im talking about the Finders Keepers markets was held in Carriageworks, Eveleigh/Redfern, Friday 4th Dec, 09.

It was my first time attending this market, and I was pretty impressed at the way that everything was set out, but less impressed at the range of arty crafts that were on sale. I mean, don’t get me wrong, they were all gorgeous things, but there wasn’t a whole lot of nifty, affordable and funky arts. I thought that alot of things were over priced, but then again, the niche market would expect this, then again, I had found the crowd to be full of young kids and families, probably expecting to find some affordabe xmas pressies or such, you know. Oh well, I did manage to buy a few things, and I am quite happy about that.

The night was made even more awesome with the surprise visit of old friends, and hanging out with my new. It was cool to just walk around, check out how many cool owls there were (and expensive 😦 ) and to just mingle and see what arty farty stuff Sydney’s finest had to offer.

My sisters fine arts collective group, Dirty Hands, had a stall there selling their prints, and I must admit that they were bloody amazing! I wish I had the skills and talents to make what they made! I hope that they sell heaps of works, and also to Gotch, I hope you sell alot of your amazing prints, you biche!


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