Yo, Brooklyn [2]


Yo, Brooklyn

As glorious as the botanics, is the garden of beauty.

The weather sure knows how to make you get comfortalein any environment you are in. And when you are travelling through the botanical gardens in Sydney, Australia, there can be an abundance of botanics and an infestation of trees, twigs, insects of all kinds and birds. The sound of many different species of birds flying and chirping throughout the garden is quite magnificent. I notice how Australia’s luster of nature is so vivid and beatiful, and it is not every day that i travel to the botanical gardens to experience this. Maybe once a year I ‘might’ visit, but it was only this time I came and explored, for educational purposes only. The last time I came to these gardens was another class excursion, a design project based on botanics and nature. For textiles, I had to make screen print designs of my own representation of nature, and develop my own designs and style. It was a fun assignment, and one I’ve come to appreciate as I had learnt all my screen printing and textile skills from that class.
These photos were taken at around 11am that day, the weather was so chilly that I had kept my jacket on all day. I had never taken a ‘proper’ tour of these gardens, and with my teachers fond knowledge of the whole area, we were lucky to have her as a guide, otherwise I know I would have got lost, with so many pathways leading to different parts of the gardens. Good times this was.

New days, shady lens.

Current Location: Cooper Street, Surry Hills, New South Wales.
Destination: Oxford Street, Paddington, New South Wales.
The following takes place between 11am and 12pm.

Falling leaves, falling moon.

Current Location: Flinders St, Paddington, New South Wales.
Destination: Bourke St, Woolworths, Paddington, New South Wales.
The following takes place between 5pm and 6pm.

Travel bug #1

Current Location: Anzac Parade, Kensington, New South Wales.
Destination: COFA, Paddington, New South Wales.
The following takes place between 1pm and 2pm.

Each afternoon I run all the way up my campus to catch a shuttle bus back to COFA. The weather was really strange this day, and I was told to bring an umbrella because the weather channel said possible showers. With the sky full of dimly and shaded clouds, the only thing I expected was rain, and wind. So I did bring my umbrella, and I also didn’t need it. Dayum, it was ok because it was better to be safe than sorry. I hear that saying alot, and I’m like, no screw that saying, I know last week I forgot my umbrella and it was one of the worst days ever for me, but I really didn’t want to be holding an umbrella with me everywhere I went, and there is always the possibility of leaving it somewhere. Oh well, it did cost me only $9, and I can afford to lose it one day, but here’s hoping it’s not a day where the weather channel is right.

Mirror, mirror, on the yellow brick wall?

It’s hard to know or control myself to put the spray can down, or to stop and have a look at the developments that the spray paint attacks onto the canvas. I feel that sometimes I go overboard, and thus I try to slow down, and take a patient approach to the work. The hard thing about spray painting is knowing when too much is too much. I try to produce layers, and to allow the paint to blend into different drips, and I like the approach, though I do wish that I would stop, for good.